We offer a range of storage solutions for residential and commercial customers, including:

Long & Short term storage
A full inventory of your possessions is taken when your goods are placed in store.
Each Container is sealed whilst in Store, the seal is only broken on Re-Delivery.
Oversize racking Storage, Max 2 tonne.
All soft furnishings (Mattresses, Sofas etc.) are placed in to polythene bags for protection whilst in Store.
Access to your containers whilst in Store can normally be achieved with 24hrs notice. (Access charge may apply).
20 foot Containers
Storage Racking for Oversized/Heavy Items
Delivery & Collections To & From Store
Modern, Dry , Alarmed and Manned Warehousing
Reductions Available for long term Storage
Business storage
Residential storage
International storage


What size unit will I need?

What is the cost of a unit?

Are our storage facilities secured?

Do items need to be stored in boxes?

Do the units have shelves?

What is the height of the units?

Should you need to store items, we are able to offer you a variety of Secure and Confidential Storage facilities to suit your household or commercial storage requirements, from single box to entire households or office contents. Storage can also be arranged at sites convenient to you and where you can have easy access to your stored items at any time.

Whilst your goods are in storage, they are placed in our secure and alarmed warehouse which is monitored with 24 hour surveillance. You can be rest assured your belongings are in safe hands, as our warehouses are purpose built to withstand the elements.

It is standard for us to dismantle and assemble office furniture during the relocation. We also provide protective wrapping to ensure your furniture is not damaged in transit.

As living spaces get smaller, rents increase and the moving market speeds up, more and more households and businesses are putting their possessions into storage.

The demand for storage facilities has risen dramatically in recent years as buying habits increase, people travel more and extra space becomes hard to find.

There are many different reasons why you may need to store your belongings away and here are various occasions when storage might be the best solution for you:

Domestic Storage

•             Storage of complete household contents from a flat to a mansion.

•             Store personal items whilst looking for a new home.

•             Store personal items whilst working abroad.

•             Store seasonal items like garden furniture and winter tyres.

•             Store sports equipment; windsurfs, kayaks or ski equipment.

•             Affordable student storage.


Commercial Storage

•             Secure storage for company files complying with data protection laws.

•             Archive storage for businesses.

•             Furniture and stock storage for businesses.

•             Self-employed contractor and trade storage for tools and equipment.

Residential Storage

Whether you are caught in between completion dates, renting your property, undertaking building works, travelling overseas, or just needing more space on a short or long term basis, we offers a flexible approach to cater for you. We wrap, pack and collect your effects, storing them for as long as you require then delivering your effects to anywhere in the UK, Europe or even further afield.

We utilize industry standard container and storage facilities. For maximum efficiency and security, items will be wrapped labelled before the container is loaded at your residence. Once loaded, your containers will be housed in our dry, secure warehouse. Your effects are protected with CCTV and 24 hour security cover in our London warehouse.

A full inventory of the contents of each container is made.

If you wish to view or remove items from your containers whilst in store, we can arrange a convenient time to assist you. When required, we will deliver your effects to your existing or new address, offering you a trouble free seamless service.


Whatever your business storage requirements, our flexible approach can cope with your requirements.

We utilise industry standard container storage facilities. Containers will be housed in our dry, secure warehouse with CCTV and 24 hour security cover in Wimbledon, London.

A full inventory of the contents of each container is made.

Why should you consider storage?

Storage is a very cost effective solution if you have to limit your shipment size, are renting your home whilst you are away or are moving into temporary accommodation prior to finding a permanent home.

Safe and Secure Storage

Your goods are packed into their own unit and you will be provided with a separate inventory of the stored items.

Cost Effective and Convenient

Storage costs vary but are generally based on how much you have to store and for how long. You can choose to store items and then have them delivered onto your new home by simply making these arrangements with your removal surveyor.

Whether short- or long-term, no matter what you need, we’ll get it for you at unbeatable prices, take a look at the prices of other cheap storage companies in London and you will see how well we compare.

Containerised Self Storage

Our storage facility is also available for you to store your belongings yourself. Simply bring your goods to our warehouse and fill your own container

Q. Why should I choose a containerised self-store facility compared to a conventional self-store facility?

A. For many reasons…

(i) At our containerised storage warehouse we can bring your container to you, placing your container beside your vehicle making loading and unloading easy and quick

(ii) Containerised storage allows you to use as many smaller containers as you need.

(iii) Should you require quick delivery but are unable to find the time to pick the goods up yourself we can bring your container to your door. Your goods remain untouched by anyone but yourself.

(iv) Containerised storage is not only easier and quicker, it is also cheaper. Saving you time, effort and money too!

Q. I have been told that conventional self storage plants allow me better access to my goods. Can containerised storage compete with this?

A. Of course…

Should you require access to your goods whilst they are in store we will bring your containers forward for you. Just give us call on the day you wish to visit and we’ll do the rest. As you will be using one or more smaller storage units rather than one big room its easier to find the items you want. We provide you with an inventory form so you can pinpoint exactly where the item you are looking for is.

Document Storage

If your business is required by law to keep documents for several years you could be wasting costly office space storing your files. By using our economical archive storage service you could save money or free up space for your business.

As well as secure archive storage at highly competitive rates we also offer a low cost, next day, collection and retrieval service. We can provide you with strong archive storage boxes at cost price. Our modern, clean and secure storage depots are constantly monitored via CCTV.

Making up and sealing the boxes

If you’re using our boxes, tape them using two lengths of tape, the first through the middle and across the seam to hold the box together, the second along the seam to seal the box. Do the same on the top of the box and write across the tape, using a permanent marker. Mark the appropriate boxes ‘FRAGILE’ to ensure careful handling and loading.

What box to use for what

Small boxes

• Heavy, small items such as records, tins, bottles, cutlery, heavy food (rice, sugar etc) and heavy ornaments.

• Long stemmed glasses, delicate ornaments, very fragile china, glasses and small pictures.

Books, for the most part, should be packed flat. They may be packed on their edges, but never with the opening facing downwards as this may break the binding. Pictures and records should be packed on their edges. Make sure that bottle tops are tight and pack bottles upright.

Medium-sized boxes

They are the most commonly used and are used for most other household effects such as pots, pans, glass, china, ornaments, pictures, clothing, food etc.

• Do not overfill the boxes; keep them square and in shape.

• When packing china plates they should be placed on their edges, never flat, on the bottom of the box in batches of three or four, with paper between each plate.

• When the bottom of the box is covered continue filling with heavy china, Pyrex, mugs, bowls, vases etc.

• On top of this, place glass and china. Pack glasses upright.

• Fill the boxes to capacity using soft items such as pillows, cushions, towels, cuddly toys, etc to take up any space on top. It is also a good idea to place soft items between each layer of china.

Large boxes

• Keep back sufficient large boxes for packing of bedding in current use.

• Lighter items such as clothing, light linen, shoes, bedding, toys, board games, light pots and pans.

•Mark boxes accordingly ie. BED 1, BEDDING, this will ensure they are easily identified for making up beds at your new home.

Hanging clothes and furniture

Transit rails will be on our vehicle for your use on moving day. If you are storing hanging garments we are able to supply cardboard wardrobes at an additional cost. It is generally not necessary to unpack chests of drawers, ottomans or similar furniture.

After using the boxes

When opening the boxes and making them flat, cut through the tape using a knife or scissors, please do not rip the tape off as this is messy and tends to ruin the box. We will collect the empty flat boxes as soon as possible after you notify us. We are unable to take other used materials or rubbish.

Decluttering your home effectively can make easier selling your house or moving out.

All of our modern and purpose built storage centres are designed with our clients’ varying needs in mind, which allows us to store everything from documents to desks, soft furnishings to files and even accommodating prized art or wine collections.

If you wish to view or remove items from your containers whilst in store, we can arrange a convenient time to assist you. When required, we will deliver your effects to your existing or new address, offering you a trouble free seamless service.

Furthermore, we won’t lure you in with sweetening deal that then go sour after the introductory period is over. Our prices start low and stay low.

Our facilities are designed to bring you security and accessibility in equal measure. Customers don’t even have to bring their belongings to our secure storage site. We can come to you, gather up your materials and load them into a container in front of you, before taking them safely away.

Full insurance cover up to the value of your goods is available upon request, for more information call us on

Simply give our friendly team a call on the number below and we’ll be glad to discuss

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