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Moving abroad is a big step and a highly rewarding one. It not only exposes you to a new culture, but also allows you to learn more about the new customs, language, and food. Some people move abroad with their families to experience a new place, while others go for work. An international move takes more preparations than a domestic one. Depending upon your length of stay, you’ll have to pack things in a way that all important things are there when you need them. Let’s have a close look at few packing tips for moving abroad.

* Get plenty of packing supplies in time- You will need lot of packing supplies. Even if your house is small, you will be amazed by the number of boxes and suppliers that you’d need. You can get moving boxes from the local shops, or you can buy them from your chosen removal company.

You should use sturdy and strong boxes in different sizes. Also use newspapers and bubble wrap to wrap all fragile items. Scissors, tape, mattress bag, wardrobe boxes, and even a marking pen is important.

* Make an inventory-You should keep track of everything you are putting inside each box. This will help you in finding anything when you are unpacking. You might feel it’s unnecessary after 4-6 boxes packed, but once you’ve packed the entire house and have piles of boxes with your belongings, finding any item can be daunting. In these circumstances, a detailed list can come handy.

* Organize your packing- You must ensure that one packing box contains similar items. For instance, fill the box with items from one of your room. It would be helpful if you pack one room at a time. It is important to label each and every box.

* Choose the right sized boxes-Once you have right sized boxes, you should pack heavier items, canned food and books in smaller boxes and lighter items in the bigger boxes. You should not pack more than 40-45 pounds in a box.

* How to pack the boxes?-You should pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top to prevent any damage. Use bubble and paper wrap for packing your goods. Wrap all valuable and fragile items individually. Fill up all boxes, but never overfill. Underfilled cartons can get crushed when another box is placed on them. Therefore, close each carton and tape it to avoid any damage.

* Personal boxes & necessary items-You should pack a separate box with items that you’ll need immediately in your new house. Pack cleaning supplies, snacks, bedsheets, shaving kit, soap, etc in the box. This box should be loaded in the last and should be unloaded first.

* Keep all personal items with you-You should not pack passports, official documents, birth certificates, licenses, financial documents, jewelry and cash. Keep all these items with you.

* What not to pack?-Flammable, hazardous and explosive material should not be packed as it is illegal and dangerous for movers to transport them. Avoid perishable food and plants. Also, check the local legislation of your destination country on what is allowed and what is not.

* Call a locksmith. When you move into a new home, it’s always a good idea to change the locks just to be extra careful You never know when an ex-girlfriend or someone has been given the keys that were long forgotten. A mobile locksmith is always a good option when you’re new to town, and don’t know where to find a physical store.